October 21-23, 2016

Enercare Centre (Direct Energy Centre)

Toronto, Ontario

Kink Corner

The Kink Corner features the latest in kink, fetish, and BDSM. Friendly and knowledgeable staff will be doing on-site demonstrations and answering kink-related questions. The 2015 Kink Corner is sponsored by The Ritual Chamber (Shahrazad):


Kink Schedule
Time Friday Kink Corner Presented By
4:30 Playing With Kink Demo Carey Gray
6:00 Kink Unleashed Lexxi Brown
7:15 Bondage 101 Carey Gray
8:45 Kink Unleashed Lexxi Brown
10:00 Spanking 101 Carey Gray
11:30 Kink Unleashed Lexxi Brown
Time Saturday Kink Corner Presented By
11:45 Playing with Kink Carey Gray
1:30 Kink Unleashed Lexxi Brown
3:15 Spanking 101 Carey Gray
4:30 Violet Wand Current Pleasures
6:00 Kink Unleashed Lexxi Brown
7:15 Spanking 101 Carey Gray
8:45 Kink Unleashed Lexxi Brown
10:00 Violet Wand Current Pleasures
11:30 Kink Unleashed Lexxi Brown
Time Sunday Kink Corner Presented By
11:45 Kink Unleashed Lexxi Brown
1:30 Spanking 101 Carey Gray
3:15 Kink Unleashed Lexxi Brown
4:30 Bondage 101 Carey Gray
5:30 Kink Unleashed Lexxi Brown

The Playroom

Don't be shy; come on in! This playroom, presented by our kink corner volunteers staff, is a safe space to ask questions and interact with others as you are guided through different aspects of sexuality.

The Stage Shows

The Kink Corner stage is dedicated to all things BDSM. There, you can experience the tantalizing acts by Lexxi Brown and get a brief introduction to the different facets of kink. For the complete schedule of events on the Kink Corner stage, click here.

Demonstrations and Introductions

Shahrazad and Carey Gray will be showing a variety of ways you can introduce kink to the bedroom. These demonstrations are geared towards beginners -- so no previous bondage and spanking experience is required! For exact times, please check the Kink Corner schedule.

5 Biggest BDSM Myths Debunked

Curious about BDSM but not entirely sure you want to partake? Join Shahrazad, a Toronto-based pro-dominant, as she uses the knowledge gained over 13 years in the industry to dispel the 5 biggest misconceptions about the wonderful world of erotic power exchange.

Bend Over Boyfriend: Strap-On 101

Strap-on play can break taboos of sexual engagement for both men and women. Done with care, it can be a very pleasurable addition to your sexual repertoire. Shahrazad will share the secrets that will enable you to wield AND receive a strap-on with confidence and comfort.

Verbal Bondage for the Rope Challenged

Verbal bondage uses command language to keep submissive partners exactly where you want them. If you are all-thumbs with rope, or simply want to add a new skill to your BDSM toolkit, join professional dominant Shahrazad as she teaches you the language of control – words that will weave their way around your submissive so seductively they will not want to disobey!

Ask A Dominatrix: Open Q&A

Do you have burning questions about kink, BDSM, or the psychology of power exchange? Shahrazad, a well-respected Toronto pro-dominatrix and owner of The Ritual Chamber dungeon, is offering a rare opportunity to answer your questions in an open Q & A format.

Bondage Demo

Presented by Mr. Carey Gray: Restraints are great for experimenting with bondage and they are quick and easy to apply and provide instant power exchange. Watch sexy demos and discover the myriad ways you can use your set of wrist cuffs to give you and your bottom a hot scene. We will look at types of restraints, how to apply them, bondage positions for sex, types of bondage, communication skills, scene ideas, safety precautions and so much more. Bring your questions and ideas. Demos featuring Leather restraints, rope and plastic wrap.

Spanking Demo

Presented by Mr. Carey Gray: Spanking is the most intimate and accessible form of impact play, the sensations can range from highly erotic to downright dirty and disciplinary. Spanking can also deepen the connection between you and your partner and act as an effective tool for healing and happiness.

Find out how role-play, communication, creating intent, using anticipation, scene set up, consensual negotiation with the ultimate goal of mutual pleasure can give you a richer spanking experience. Demos on positions, hand placement, technique and use of toys such as paddles and canes. Explore the many ways to play with spanking and how to make it a pleasurable and satisfying experience for you and your partner.

Playing With Kink

Presented by Mr. Carey Gray: Sexy demos for a kinkier more pleasurable sex life. Strap on play, pegging, role play , sensory deprivation, bondage.

Kink Corner Performers, Presenters, and Guests

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