November 24-26, 2017

International Centre

Toronto, Ontario

Photography, Video and Filming Policy

This is a private event so people have an expectation of privacy, please be courteous and respectful to the other people in the building when taking your photographs. Our complete policy is below.

- Staff, volunteers and guests are welcome to shoot still photos, video, or film at the Everything To Do With Sex Show for personal use only.
- You MUST get the permission of the person whose photograph you are taking. The performance acts on stages may be photographed and filmed freely, unless signage indicates otherwise.
- No stools, ladders, stilts, or any other equipment that increases your height or point of view will be permitted, unless located at the back of the crowd or in a location that does not block the view of others. Tripods and monopods are permitted as a means to stabilize the photographs.
- Please remain polite and respectful. Do not block other attendee’s view of the stage with your camera and/or camera equipment. Anyone disrupting the performances or obstructing other guests’ view of the stage will be given a warning or asked to leave without a refund.
- Anyone capturing images or footage at the Everything To Do With Sex Show may be asked to provide access to the image/footage for use by the Everything To Do With Sex Show and SX Marketing Inc., the rightful holder of all images/footage.
- You CANNOT sell the photographs taken at the show or use them for any commercial purposes. These photographs are for your own personal use. If you wish to sell or use them for a commercial purpose, you must get our written consent.
- You are allowed (and encouraged) to post any photographs taken to Facebook and other social media channels. We’d appreciate it if you tagged us in them!

This policy is subject to change without notice.

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