November 24-26, 2017

International Centre

Toronto, Ontario

Todd Shapiro
Todd Shapiro

Todd Shapiro

Todd Shapiro has been a top rated Toronto radio morning show host and a familiar voice on Canada's airwaves for over 15 years. Todd's impeccable comedic timing, his natural delivery, his comfortableness in front of the camera/mic, his effortless charisma and lighthearted and honest, yet energetic approach help him connect with both adult sexes equally. Todd has been known as a ladies man in the past, but much like his maturing character on the entertainment side, personally he has recently just got engaged to the love of his life and is proud to smartly evolve and call himself a "gentleman". Todd does not discriminate, and he is friends with people from all walks of life due to his huge heart and acceptance of everyone as equals. Overall, Todd is someone you would just like to "hang with" because he is not only a great personality on air, but off air as well.

Be sure to check him out on his new show, The Todd Shaprio Show, on SiriusXM.

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