November 24-26, 2017

International Centre

Toronto, Ontario

Ms Kitty
Ms Kitty

Ms Kitty

MsKitty in Toronto is an avid blogger for the lifestyle, nudist and Fetish affairs; just right in the heart of Toronto scene (and wherever she travels abroad). MsKitty not only writes about her personal knotty adventures, she is also the hostess-of-the-mostest for Toronto’s best downtown sex club: Oasis Aqualounge. Hosting events such as Hot Springs (allows Single men to intermix with single women & couples), First Taste (Newbie night/101 on Swinging) tour, CFNM (Clothing Female Naked Male), and Suits & Nude (Men in suits and Naked Female).

For specific show times, booth number, and other contact information please see the below chart.

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