November 24-26, 2017

International Centre

Toronto, Ontario

Shahrazad (The Alchemical Seductress)

Shahrazad (The Alchemical Seductress)

For over 13 years, the enigmatic Alchemical Seductress has indulged the distinct pleasure of exerting her erotic dominance over a vast selection of local and international submissives and fetishists. She is owner and headmistress at The Ritual Chamber, a boutique dungeon and BDSM play facility in the west end of Toronto. An approachable, skilled guide into the realms of the erotic imagination, Shahrazad has degrees in Social Work and Sexuality Studies and teaches BDSM and Femdom workshops to players of all levels across North America.


5 Biggest BDSM Myths Debunked

Curious about BDSM but not entirely sure you want to partake? Join Shahrazad, a Toronto-based pro-dominant, as she uses the knowledge gained over 13 years in the industry to dispel the 5 biggest misconceptions about the wonderful world of erotic power exchange.

Bend Over Boyfriend: Strap-On 101

Strap-on play can break taboos of sexual engagement for both men and women. Done with care, it can be a very pleasurable addition to your sexual repertoire. Shahrazad will share the secrets that will enable you to wield AND receive a strap-on with confidence and comfort.

Verbal Bondage for the Rope Challenged

Verbal bondage uses command language to keep submissive partners exactly where you want them. If you are all-thumbs with rope, or simply want to add a new skill to your BDSM toolkit, join professional dominant Shahrazad as she teaches you the language of control – words that will weave their way around your submissive so seductively they will not want to disobey!

Ask A Dominatrix: Open Q&A

Do you have burning questions about kink, BDSM, or the psychology of power exchange? Shahrazad, a well-respected Toronto pro-dominatrix and owner of The Ritual Chamber dungeon, is offering a rare opportunity to answer your questions in an open Q & A format.

The Pleasures of Sensory Deprivation

Taste, touch, sound, sight, and smell all add to our enjoyment of an erotic encounter. But did you know that removing a person’s ability to engage any one of these senses makes all of the others heighten to unbelievable levels? Learn creative and practical tips for incorporating sensory deprivation of all kinds into your sexual adventures.

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