October 21-23, 2016

Enercare Centre (Direct Energy Centre)

Toronto, Ontario

Carlen Costa
Dr. Carlen Costa Seminar Schedule

Dr. Carlen Costa

Dr. Carlen is one of Canada’s most sought-after Sexologist & Relationship Experts. According to her, everyone is capable of achieving deep and meaningful intimate relationships; sometimes we just need inspiration to grow them. This means that for many of us, talking about intimacy, sex and how to improve our sexual relationships can be challenging. Dr. Carlen works with people, in various ways, to help them understand and work through a variety of concerns. Primarily, she works through media outlets to promote the curation of your own nurturing attitude to empower healthy and happy consensual intimate relationships and values in your life. Dr. Carlen believes that we all have a sexy side and sometimes we just need a little support to find it. The understanding is all about communicating, behaving, loving and translating your own sexual energy into satisfying your fantasies & desires — because that’s what you deserve. When we are able to hold positive sexual values of our own, we can then have positive relationships in all areas of our lives, of which we can become accountable and honour.

A graduate from The University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College, she went on to the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. IASHS is home to some of the world’s most talented and influential in the ever evolving practice of sexology. She is privileged and honoured to be working amongst a prestigious class of professionals within the field of sexology.

Dr. Carlen’s expertise and experience has also enabled her success in counseling self identified men, self identified women, trans-identified and other various self identities. She encourages and addresses concerns in all of their intimate pansexual experiences. Whether Dr. Carlen is hosting Sex with Dr. Carlen on campuses all over Ontario, giving advice, helping couples through private counseling, providing the dos and don’ts of dating etiquette, displaying the most recent trends in social sex (social media and dating), or writing about where to take your new lover on a hot date, Dr. Carlen has had credible success in connecting people to her message; real sex, real relationships, for people — that’s sexy living.

The 12 Types of Orgasms

Want to know what the best styles of orgasms are? Even better, do you want to know how to HAVE THEM?
Then check in and learn with Dr. Carlen who wants to help you "put the REAL back into your relationship with sex - real sex, for real people" where she will take you through her favourite top 12 Orgasm styles with tips, techniques and an interactive Q&A to help you get you there over and over and over again.


Are you living an authentic life that is as much concerned about what you put in your body as what you put on it? Then welcome to Eco-sexy with Dr. Carlen where she goes through tips & products on how you can incorporate ecologically sustainable choices into your intimate lifestyle and turn up the heat, El Nino style in the bedroom. Dr. Carlen will wrap this session up with an interactive Q&A where you can ask all the questions that are important to you.

Connect with Dr. Carlen further to explore how you can bring her vibrant and enriching sexology into your life!

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