November 24-26, 2017

International Centre

Toronto, Ontario

Carlyle Jansen
Carlyle Jansen Seminar Schedule

Carlyle Jansen

Founder of Good for Her, Carlyle Jansen has been conducting workshops for over ten years to thousands of people. She has made several television appearances including Discovery Channel's "Sex Files", The Life Network's "Health on the Line", as well as several documentaries. She is also a proud mother of two.

The Pleasures of Anal Sex

Good for Her founder Carlyle Jansen provides a systematic guide to finding the untapped potential of anal pleasure. Anal play should always be pleasurable, and this workshop will teach you how to add even more sexual-satisfaction. Whether you are a novice looking for guidance on how to enjoy butt play, or a veteran seeking additional tips for even more bliss; this workshop is full of techniques to guarantee and maximize pleasure for you and your partner.

The Secrets of Squirting

Tired of looking at maps that never take you there? Wondering what all the fuss is about? Come learn about these hot spots on yourself and/ or a partner that will make you sizzle. There is always more to learn!

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