November 24-26, 2017

International Centre

Toronto, Ontario

Kage Wolfe
Kage Wolfe

Kage Wolfe

Kage Wolfe, cabaret partner to Pastel Supernova and assistant choreographer to her Love Letters Cabaret is a dancer of many styles and disciplines. Wolfe has been dancing with Pastel Supernova since 2011 and choreographing as part of Love Letters Cabaret since it’s premier in February of 2012. Since then he has stepped over into the wonderful world of Burlesque. Since catching the Burlesque bug performing at Toys for Tots 2012 Wolfe has vowed to bring entertainment with tease to audiences everywhere he goes with wit, character and dance. Wolfe loves performing on stage, especially with his dancing shoes on and going down to not much else left.

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