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Eva Maya Devi is a World-Class Dakini, Writer, and Goddess. Her professional and licensed certifications include Licensed Holistic Practioner, Reiki Level 2 Practioner, Hatha Yoga Exercise Specialist and Thai Massage Therapist.

Sexy, intuitive and joyful she maintains a thriving Tantra/Dark Tantra/Tao private practice in Toronto and travels internationally teaching, touching and public speaking. EM writes erotica and has just published a book on Kindle entitled “Everyday Erotica & Pleasure Poems” now available through Amazon. Her new sex book, Sexplayration: The Fastest Path To Spiritual Enlightment is currently being written.

Tantra Teaser Teaching & Touch Demo

Join World-Class Dakini (muse) Eva Maya Devi as she teaches and touches her way to pure BLISS! Using audience members she demonstrates classic Tantra exercises to start you exploring the Tantra path. Prepare to be enlightened and pampered at the hands of a Divine Goddess!

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