November 24-26, 2017

International Centre

Toronto, Ontario

Sugar Hoops
Sugar Hoops

Sugar Hoops

Sugar Hoops is a hoop dance lifestyle company specializing in connecting community, music & movement. We focus on adding joy to your life through exciting hoop dance classes and hoop jams that relax your mind, bring out your inner dancer and warm your soul.

Movement. It is an enormous part of our lives. We move to get where we need to go. We move to reach our goals and we move to express ourselves. At times, movement can be a strenuous task, and at other times, a beautiful, poetic composition. At Sugar Hoops, we believe that movement is the key to health and happiness; especially while inside a hula hoop!

Hula hooping may be an activity you remember from childhood and never thought to explore again, but it’s taking the world by storm once again! Why, you might ask? Because it is EXERCISE IN DISGUISE!

Using “adult sized” hula hoops, Sugar Hoops will help transform a once fond childhood memory into one of the most exciting and rewarding fitness routines you will ever experience. Our classes will offer you in-depth instruction on everything from basic waist hooping to hoop dance, which will tone your core and get you sweating!

Hula hooping is an effective and fun way to keep fit at any age, so grab a hoop and give it a spin today!

Hoola-Hooping Performance

Sugar Hoops will be giving a short performance showing off what you can do with a hoola-hoop with a little bit of help from their studio. Whether you're looking for a new way to get fit, or just looking for a new way to exercise, you'll definitely find them captivating!

For specific show times, booth number, and other contact information please see the below chart.

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